Tick & Mosquito Control

An Organic Solution for Tick & Mosquito Problems

A number of plant essential oils such are known to repel pest insects, including ticks and mosquitoes. When mixed into a liquid solution, these botanical oils can reduce the pressure of pests. The solution is 100% organic and will not harm humans, pets or wildlife. There is no downtime after spraying. 

Program and Pricing

The tick and mosquito program typically begins around May 1st with three initial sprayings over the course of a 30 day window. This sets up a barrier around the property. After that, a spraying is done once a month to maintain the barrier, with the last spray typically occurring in October. The cost of the program depends on the size of the property and the amount of tick/mosquito habitat present. A site visit is always done for an evaluation and quote. 


Is it effective?

Yes. A variation of this solution has been used for years by multiple other organic land care professionals in eastern Massachusetts with excellent results. It is however, important to note two points. 

The solution is intended to minimize tick and mosquito pressure. It cannot eliminate them altogether; even chemicals can't do that. So make sure to continue to check yourself, and your family for ticks regularly, and if you're outdoors during dusky evening hours, wear bug repellent or long sleeves for added protection. 

Also, the effectiveness of the solution is dependent on how closely the program is followed. It is very important to establish and maintain a barrier around your property so if you skip a spray, the result will be predictably less effective. 

How is the solution applied?

A backpack mist blower is used to apply the solution. The backpack sprayer is a loud machine, but it is effective at delivering the solution and allows most properties to be treated in under 10 minutes. 

How long does it take to do an application? 

The amount of solution used, and not the length of time taken, determine a proper application. Small properties can take as few as 10 minutes while larger properties can be a bit longer. The backpack sprayer is capable of delivering high flow rates of solution so even while walking at a normal pace, the correct amount of fluid can be applied. 

How long does the treatment last?  

In order to undertake the program effectively, the three initial sprayings are crucial to setting up a barrier on your property. After that, each spraying is good for roughly 30 days. This is somewhat dependent on weather however; care is taken to ensure that spraying jobs are carried out on dry days. 

Do I need to close my windows? 

You do not need to close your windows. The nozzle of the backpack sprayer is easily controlled so that the solution is delivered to the desired locations - not your living room window! The mist does drift with the breeze however, so if you are concerned with any scents drifting through the windows, there is no harm in closing them. Regardless, special care is taken to minimize the amount of mist drift towards open windows. 

Is it safe for wildlife? 

The solution will not harm wildlife and leaves no harmful residue. However, flowering areas are avoided as a precaution against discouraging bees and other pollinating insects.

I'm having a cookout at my property. Can you spray for special events? 

Yes. Just be sure to call in advance. If you are a regular customer, a single boost spray can be applied in the week leading up to the event. If you aren't a regular customer, you will need two heavy sprays in the week leading up to the event in order for the solution to have an effect. 

I don't want to get Lyme disease. Aside from spraying, what are your preferred methods for staying safe?

Tick check! Wearing insect repellent and tucking trousers into socks are good habits to minimize the risk of encountering a tick, but the most important thing is physically checking for ticks and removing them. Get into the habit of periodically scanning for ticks when working outside, and be SURE to do a thorough body check in the evening when you're indoors and the day's work is done and dusted. 

The shower is a great place for this. Nymph stage ticks are tiny and hard to see, but when they are embedded in your skin you'll feel a bump if you run your hand across it. This end of day check is crucial. The chance of Lyme disease transmission is significantly lowered if you can get a tick off you less than 24 hours after it latches on. If a tick becomes embedded at 10am, and you pluck it off at 10pm that same day, you've done yourself a huge favor.