Organic Lawn Care

A true organic lawn care program follows these three principles: 

1)  An understanding and focus on building soil health.

2)  The use of approved organic products and soil amendments (no chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers)

3)  Sound cultural practices such as proper mowing, watering, aerating, etc. to promote a healthy lawn.

Using these three principles, we can create a lawn that looks good, is resilient to pests and disease, and is less reliant on inputs to maintain.  Most importantly, an organic lawn is safe for people, pets and the environment.

Organic Lawn Care vs. Conventional Lawn Care

Whereas organic lawn care is a soil centered approach, conventional lawn care is a product centered approach which uses synthetic, water soluble fertilizers and chemical pesticides to grow turf grass in an unnatural manner.  Conventional lawn care does not take into any consideration the health of the soil.

2016 Organic Lawn Care Program Details

First and foremost, a soil test is done to determine the site specific soil conditions.  The base fertilization program includes four applications per season.  These applications focus on improving the health of the soil biology as well as delivering nutrients to the soil so that the turf grass can grow at its best.

The other components of the organic lawn care program (such as compost topdressing, liming, aerating, and over-seeding) are determined by the soil test results, lawn condition, and client goals.

Please contact me with questions about your lawn.  We can discuss further how an organic lawn care program works, pricing, expectations, and more.